December 29, 2020 2 min read

The global pandemic has drastically shifted many people’s priorities and shaken up the business landscape in ways that no one could have expected. Movie theaters may well go extinct, sports are now played in bubbles, and restaurants are experimenting with novel concepts to draw customers into their virtual spaces. One of the coolest concepts we’ve seen so far, for obvious reasons, brings together two of our favorite pastimes - van life and gourmet dining. Meet SuperStella Catering, the brainchild of San Francisco-based chef Anthony Strong, a mobile dining experience served from a beautifully converted Volkswagen van.

Chef Anthony Strong prepares a table at his San Francisco restaurant, Prairie

Chef Anthony Strong setting a table at his recently closed restaurant, Prairie. 

Chef Strong, known for his smoky, live-fire grill-centered Italian restaurant, Prairie, found the 1989 Volkswagen White Star shortly after closing his beloved venture due to pandemic-related difficulties and the idea for a mobile dining room was born. He named the van Stella and began converting it himself into a super intimate environment that could host small private parties on the go. “Glamping at it’s finest” is what they’re going for.

The van features an “indoor” dining banquette for traditional dining with a group of up to 4 people, but as most van lifers know, the real beauty of the lifestyle is the freedom it provides to step outside and integrate the natural environment into your experience. Which means you’ll be enjoying your lobster fondue and kombucha bellini on lawn chairs under Stella’s awning as the sun sets before stepping into the van’s dining room for the rest of the meal (you can check out asample menu here).

Because Stella is on wheels, she can travel to where you are - within reason, of course. SuperStella Catering is now accepting reservations for January 2021 through their site, so if you have access to at least 20x20 feet of private property within a 10-mile radius of San Francisco and want to experience this innovative van life dining concept, book your spot now.

Want to share an innovative van, RV, or bus conversion with us? Comment below with your top picks and we may feature them here on the Van Lifer blog.

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